T & M Engineering has over 70 cumulative years of research, development and space consultancy offering a wide range of computer based modelling for spacecraft environmental effects, outgassing utilising:

  • CAP

    Our Material selection and Testing Laboratory provides for:

    • Material testing
      • ASTM E1559
      • ASTM E595
      • AO testing
    • HVI testing
      • Two stage light gas gun
      • 2MV Van de Graaff accelerator

    T & M Engineering has assisted the national agencies of USA (NASA), USAF, Japan (NASDA, NAL), the European Space Agency (ESA), Russian Space Agency. In addition we have supported such companies as Boeing, Alenia Spazio, British Aerospace, Lockheed Martin, INMARSAT to name a few on various programs. We have played major roles in payload design and implementation for a wide range of scientific and military satellites (see summary of missions pages). We can offer a wide range of scientific and engineering payloads to meet your requirements.

    A woman owned small business, our head office is located in Cape Canaveral, FLA, alongside our material testing and cleanroom facility. We also have an Asia Pacific Office located in Tokyo, Japan.

    We hope you enjoy your visit and we can assist you in your goals for Space Exploration and Development.

    Please feel free to contact us with any questions or queries.