Micrometeoroid and Debris Analysis

Modelling of micrometeoroid and debris impacts takes two regimes, one of the damage caused by impacts to material sand systems and the second is the actual flux rate of particles encountered. The models used produce results based upon spacecraft orbit, duration, type of material (penetration, cratering effects). Using these results failure analysis of spacecraft critical systems can be performed giving expected lifetimes and recommendations for shielding.

Models used for orbital dynamics and flux rates include:


Models used for evaluating shielding and the physical process and damage due to hypervelocity impacts impact on hydrocode models. The following models are used:

  • CTH
  • SP3
  • AutoDyn 3D

When incorporating a HVI testing program using the light gas gun and 2MV accelerator and the above models a complete micrometeoroid and debris modelling solution is available for any spacecraft and sub-system in from LEO to interplanetary space.