Contamination Control

On-orbit Flight Monitors

T &M Engineering provides a suite of instruments for in-orbit monitoring of contamination effects. Any number of these instruments can be configured together depending of field of view, data requirements, mass and power regimes. The contamination monitor can store data for down link when the satellite is in line-of-sight. Instruments available for the monitor include:

  • Temperature-controlled Quartz Crystal Microbalance (TQCM)
  • Quartz Crystal Particle Microbalance (QCPM)
  • Ionization Pressure Gauge
  • Thermal Coating Calorimeter
  • Optical Scattering Detector
  • AO Flux

In addition the contamination monitors can incorporate hypervelocity impact detectors, if required, to give a complete space environmental effects payload. These detectors include:

  • Passive metal plates (Ni, Au, Al)
  • Micropore foam (intact capture)
  • Aerogel (intact capture)
  • Active PZT
  • Hybrid detectors

Descriptions of these flight sensors are given Flight hardware and in the product data sheet section.